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Choosing a Ducted Vacuum System

Ducted vacuums provide the easiest, safest, healthiest and most practical way to clean your home. Applications, amongst others, also include Commercial premises, Retail stores, Clinics, Aged-Care facilities and offices.

Recognising that every home or facility is different, careful consideration must be given to choosing the correct system. Similarly, all vacuum systems differ and all users’ requirements differ.

At Vacumax, we recognise that these differences may be considerable. One system or standardising a limited range of systems will likely fail to address the wide range of considerations that are needed deliver a professionally designed vacuum system which meets the owner’s requirements.


Important considerations when choosing a vacuum system will, amongst others, include:

  • Size of home / facility and layout
  • 100% Coverage of the home – walls, floors, ceilings
  • Power unit performance / quality / country of manufacture
  • Noise levels of power unit
  • Ventilation – operational
  • Exhaust Ventilation
  • Type of filtration (5 types available)
  • Total length of piping
  • Length of piping from power unit to the most distant hose inlet
  • Number and type of each pipe fittings to be used
  • Length vs direction of piping (horizontal/vertical-up/vertical-down)
  • External exhausting
  • Length of user hose and user hose diameter
  • Dirt bin capacity
  • Options  - floor sweep inlets and wall mounted stretch hose units
  • Hoses and accessories to suit the user and the home type/finishes
  • External vacuuming – patios, alfresco, horse grooming
  • Salt water corrosion
  • Warranty

For example:

  • Staircases should be vacuumed from the top down. There should thus be a hose inlet located on the lower level to allow the hose to reach the top of the staircase.
  • Noise levels are more important for narrow lots/properties
  • Single user or two user systems. Most vacuum systems only allow for a single user, and thus two individual power units with separate pipe networks are needed for two user systems.
  • 9m Long hoses are the most practical length. Longer hoses are more cumbersome and dramatically affect performance at the end of the hose.  If longer hoses are necessary, then the choice of power unit must take this into account and be more powerful to negate the effects of the longer hose.
  • External exhausting is not always possible or practical. Some power units have to be externally exhausted and thus cannot be used in these situations.
  • If the person emptying the dirt bin suffers from Asthma, then a disposable bag filtration unit should be chosen.
  • Power unit motors warranties differ from one to seven years. Contract home builders may install systems with a one or two year warranty.
  • Performance is critical. Power unit performance is rated according to the motor used. Common performance factors include Air Watts, Air Flow and Suction (water lift). Other factors include the type of motor (flow through or bypass), number and diameter of motor fans/turbines and the quantity of motors.  Motor performance is given in the absence of a filter. However, every vacuum power unit uses a filter of some type (paper, foam, cloth, screen), all of which reduce the performance of the vacuum system. The design, type, size and quality of the filter are thus important considerations and specifiers/purchasers should not simply choose a system based on motor performance rating.   

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