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Filtration systems for Ducted Vacuums

Premium quality ducted vacuum systems are one of the most durable long lasting appliances that one can purchase for a home. They will outlast portable vacuum cleaners and, with a minor service every few years, may last the life of the home. It is not uncommon to find premium systems still operating after 15 or more years without ever having being serviced. This makes it important for the purchaser to carefully consider their system purchase.

Ducted vacuum systems differ primarily according to the filtration system used. Other major differences include the motor type and materials used to construct the unit. Additionally, systems differ in size, ease of maintenance, quality, engineering/design, durability, place of manufacture, exhausting requirements, reliability and noise levels.

Whilst there are some small disadvantages with all vacuum system filtration options, the advantages are significant when compared to portable vacuum cleaners.

It is thus important for the purchaser to review these significant differences before choosing a power unit so that an informed decision is made and that the chosen system suits the purchaser's needs, home design and lifestyle.

Most manufacturers will naturally promote their products against others based on these differences. Others, and their builder or contracting company, may simply have a standard unit which is offered as an inclusion with a 'home package'. In these instances, the home owner seldom has any choice and may receive a system which does not meet their requirements in respect of the above differences, especially in regards to filtration.

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