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You vacuum your house religiously to get rid of all the dust, dirt and bacteria and make sure your indoor air is up to snuff. New research suggests that some vacuum cleaners may actually be making things worse, not better. Certain vacuum cleaners spit fine dust and bacteria back into the air, where they can spread infections and trigger allergies.

According to the American Enviromental Protection Agency... “the air inside your home can be even more polluted than the outside air of most industrialised cities”.  Indoor air quality and the need to deep clean your home is thus of great importance and may become a critical issue especially if a family member suffers from allergies or asthma.  Central / Ducted vacuum Systems are recommended by Allergists and are an effective way to reduce dust, allergens and organic matter in your home. By exhausting 100% of the vacuumed air, outside your home, recirculation of these irratants is eliminated and the home stays healthier and cleaner.


Benefits of a Central / Ducted Vacuum System

A Healthier Home 

*Central/Ducted Vacuum Systems have been clinically proven to reduce asthma and allergy symptoms:

Eye Symptoms...              Sleep Symptoms...            Nasal Symptoms...

61% improvement           44% improvement            47% improvement

A Quieter Home

Vacuuming need not be a nuisance to others in your home. With a Vacumax suited power unit located in the garage or storeroom away from the living areas, your family will not be disturbed whilst they study, watch television or sleep when the system is being used.


A Safer Home 

Not having to carry a cumbersome and often heavy portable vacuum cleaner means a safer home with less risk of injury to the user and the family and no damage to furniture and fittings. No high voltage power cords to stretch, recoil, damage or trip over, means no risk of electric shock or fire.

Whole House Cleaning

Vacumax suited Central / Ducted Vacuum Systems are designed for whole house coverage – including Ceilings, Walls, Furniture, Furnishings and Fixtures, Patios and even Fireplaces. Our comprehensive range of Cleaning Kits, Hoses, Tools and Accessories takes vacuuming to new levels. Vacuuming has never been more convenient with accessories such as Mini Tools for cleaning Computers and Hobby areas, Garage Kits, Fireplace Ash collector Kits and Wet Pick-Up Caddies. Dusting and grooming furnishings and cleaning carpeted staircases is easily carried out with the applicable attachments. Vibrating Upholstery Brushes and Turbine air driven Carpet Tools ensure deep down cleaning. With 100% of the dirt laden air being filtered and permanently exhausted out of your Living Areas – so your home stays Cleaner, Quieter and Safer from the first time you use your Vacuum System.

Built-In Power and Convenience

With Inlets conveniently and strategically located throughout your home, including the Garage and Workshop and even the Patio, you have sustained vacuuming power when and where you need it – up to seven times more vacuuming power than many portable vacuum cleaners.

Protect your Investment

Add Value to your Home

A Central / Ducted Vacuum System is an economical investment in protecting your home’s Fixtures, Floor Coverings and Furnishings. Investing in any permanent appliance in your home should help increase the value when you decide to sell.


Other Features of a Central / Ducted Vacuum System

 vacpan-1 One of the most popular features of a Vacuum System is the 'Dustpan' or 'Vacpan' - this is a wide narrow inlet built flush into the toekick area under a kitchen cabinet. The unit allows for debris, from the kitchen, to be swept up to it... a push with your foot to turn inlet on and the debris is sucked away to your main unit - no more bending over with a messy dustpan and brush!


The Wally Flex is an innovative auxillary hose for central Vacuum Systems. Practical, Good-looking and really Easy-to-use!

The Wally Flex is so classy and will fit into the decor of any home.



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