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Instead of a portable, self-contained appliance like a traditional vacuum, a central vac is a whole-house system. Tubing installed inside the walls is connected to a Vacuum Power Unit in the garage.

There are no electrical cords to bother with - all it takes to start the system is to insert the lightweight hose into a wall inlet. The system starts automatically. The dirt, dust and debris gets carried out the room, through the in-wall tubing, to the main power unit, where it is deposited in a canister or bag and the finer dust exhausts to the outside of the house. The system stops when the hose is removed. Central vacuum bags and canisters only need to be emptied an average of once every three months. Instead of plugging a portable vacuum into pre-determined electrical outlets and hoping the cord reaches around your home, the central vacuum hose can be moved from inlet to inlet.

You can have multiple inlets installed in every room, or you can have a single inlet in a convenient location that allows you to reach most rooms with the long (normally 9m) hose.



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