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Full sized Vacuum Systems


All systems are SINGLE USER SYSTEMS. If two hoses are to be used at the same time, then there is the option to install two power units with separate pipe runs. Please contact us for information on two user commercial type systems.
Air watts, air flow and suction (water lift) figures are based on the motor(s) specifications and exclude losses due to filters and screens and other restrictions.
Inlet quantities are often quoted for power units. We do not quote inlet quantities as they have nothing to do with the choice of power unit.

evs-electron-fb200 evs-electron-fb300
evs-electron-2606 evs-electron-2808
evs-electron-3909 evs-electron-spelite
Monarch-450 Monarch-550
Monarch-650 Monarch-850
PREMIER SYSTEMS- Inverted Bag Filtration (Optional Disposable Bag Conversion)
premier clean 3000 premier clean 4000
premier clean 5000 premier clean 6000
vacumaid vacuums


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