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Maintaining a Modern Home

Posted on July 25, 2016

Although a 21st century home has all the gadgets and devices to make living more comfortable, it still requires upkeep. The exterior faces the full force of Mother Nature, and in Western Australia, we see plenty of that, so regular maintenance is as important as washing the car, although doesn’t have to be done every Sunday! Here are some tips to help your home run as it should.

The garden

This cannot be overlooked, as it is an integral part of the living space, and whatever type of garden you have, it will need to be maintained. You may be inspired by a neighbour’s new landscaped area, and decide that a new garden is a good way to spruce up the property, and if you live in Western Australia, there are landscapers in Perth , with years of experience in designing and creating new gardens. If you’re happy with what you’ve got, the same landscaper will probably offer a maintenance contract, and they will visit periodically, and do whatever needs to be done to keep the garden looking fresh.

Maintaining your garden can occasionally become a task that's over and above the remit of the DIY enthusiast and it's time then, to call in the professionals. If you've got an unruly bush or overgrown trees it's best to call in an expert for Perth tree removal. They'll get your outdoor space freshened up and ready for the summer.

The heating and air conditioning

Both essential services, needed at different times, and many Perth residents prefer HVAC systems, which combine the two applications. The compressor should be checked regularly for leaks or signs of corrosion, and all filters cleaned or replaced.

Clean air for healthy living

Many people are turning to ducted vacuum systems to provide clean air in the home, and this needs to be regularly cleaned, filters replaced and inspected for any damage that might be caused by rodents, or even insects.

Domestic appliances

There are many, and they all need a little tender loving care if they are to perform well. There are online companies that specialise in appliance maintenance, but if one keeps the unit clean, and regularly carries out a visual inspection, then once a year is probably enough for maintenance checks.

The roof

The apex of the home, and the great protector against the elements, the roof needs to be checked for missing or dislodged tiles, and any obstructions in the gutters should be removed. Autumn is a particularly leafy time of year, and these soon accumulate, and can cause a major blockage during a heavy storm. Branches and twigs should be removed, and if you have a large roof, it might be an idea to call in the roofing contractor, who can carry out a thorough inspection. Trees grow and sometimes into the roof, causing problems, and in Western Australia, landscapers in Perth would be able to prune back the trees safely away from the roof.


Drains can easily become blocked, which isn’t surprising when you think about what goes down them, things like solidified fat, food leftovers, animal hairs, and all kinds of strange substances. When these bond together, they can be the start of a major blockage, so a caustic soda treatment is a good idea.


Maintaining the home might be necessary, but it can be fun too, and we should all work together, and make sure that our living space is cared for, as much as it cares for us.

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