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A Few Home Enhancements to Create a Safe Shelter All Year Round

Posted on January 03, 2014

It's not hard to stress the importance of maintaining one's home. Indeed, a house's primary role is to provide shelter. But how can it protect us if there is no clear security system and the interiors cluttered? Nevertheless, it is every homeowner's duty to ensure functionality while decorating or remodelling.

Ensure Locks are Intact and Functional

Locks are definitely the first line of defence at home. Avoid getting victimised by burglars; ensure that your home's lock systems are working properly. For needed assistance, consult reputable locksmith companies in your area.

  • Knight Locksmiths – their friendly technicians offer 24-hour locksmith services in Adelaide.

Hire Professional Cleaners

No time to clean your place? Getting hold of professional cleaners is a good solution. From sanitising the bathrooms to polishing your floor, they can take care of any cleaning task.

  • Pattersons – one of the trusted national suppliers of a comprehensive range of cleaning supplies and back-up services.
  • Bond Services Pty Ltd – a Sydney-based business that provides competent carpet cleaners and other personalised range of commercialised cleaning and maintenance services.
  • Fresh-Up Cleaning – composed of highly experienced and fully trained personnel armed with the best cleaning equipment available.

Now, since you need to keep your home spick and span all the time, maintain the cleanliness by doing a bit of dusting yourself. Consider modern cleaning technologies, such as central vacuum systems, to make this task easier.

Check the Home's Insulation and Ventilation

Without a consistent and foolproof insulation and ventilation system, your home is prone to various threats, i.e. cracks and mould growth, especially during summer and winter. To counteract that, have your home inspected thoroughly by a ventilation specialist. He should be able to recommend measures such as installation of vents.

  • Western Solar Pty Ltd – has the widest range of solar ventilation systems designed and manufactured to precision for residential and commercial use.
  • Manage at Home – a company that provides mobility aids for the elderly.
  • Aqua Gold Water Filters – all types of filters, faucets and accessories are provided by this Australia-based company.

Replace Old Doors

Front entry doors must be tough in order to withstand harsh elements i.e. rain and wind. Replace a worn, drafty door with an aesthetically pleasing one. Choose a material that blends well with your home’s overall design.

  • Kloeber UK Ltd – an innovative manufacturer and supplier of quality aluminium, timber, composite and uPVC glazing solutions.
  • Apex Locksmiths – a team of highly experienced locksmiths operating in Sydney.
  • BAC Systems – provides modular workbenches and workstations suitable to the client's requirements.
  • ProCook – your one-stop online source of cookware and kitchenware.
  • Epic Office Furniture – the provider of quality office furniture and accessories to commercial establishments in Sydney.

Avoid jeopardising the safety of your loved ones and the security of your belongings by taking on improvement projects that make everyday living comfortable and cosy.

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