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Equipment for the Home, and Great for the Office Too!

Posted on August 20, 2015

Indeed modern technology has made our lives so much easier. At home, we use a variety of tools to do chores. Our productive streak in the office is also due to an array of gadgets.

However, we seldom realise that some of the equipment we use serve a dual purpose. They’re handy at house, and indispensable in the workplace too!

Find out what some of these technological wonders are.

Portable Generator

A portable generator is a diesel-powered device. Its main purpose is to provide temporary electric power. It comes with an engine operated by a small turbine. The latter then creates usable electricity that can power up a variety of electrical appliances. This piece of equipment comes in handy during those unforeseen power outages. It can keep the lights and AC functioning in stores or private residences.

  • Generators Next Day – offers a wide range of electricity generating devices to customers in the UK.
  • 5th Star Services – if electricians are who you need to hire in Brisbane, this company is your first port of call.

Vacuum Cleaner

This electrical apparatus cleans different types of wall and floor surfaces like rubber floor tiles, carpet or wood. It collects dust and small particles by means of a suction mechanism. While this implement is commonly associated with home cleaning, it’s used in commercial spaces too. Businesses often employ heavy-duty vacuum systems to maintain their premises. These are often used in tandem with industrial cleaning machines.

  • Beta Solutions – a company that specialises in high quality industrial floor cleaning machines.
  • The Rug Stores - an online shop where you can buy contemporary cheap rugs that are cost-effective. Visit to know more about their products.
  • United Tools Online in Australia - tool retailers based in Australia that provides good quality tools and offers tool and equipment repairs at the same time
  • Attic Ladders – the company to call for your architectural and building needs in Australia.
  • Maverick Roller Products - offers shutters, folding enclosures and grilles for commercial and domestic applications.
  • Rubberworx - an Australian company that offers rubber matting for playgrounds and public spaces, among other areas.
  • 3monkeez surgical tapware - supplies durable tapware, sinks, basin mixers, wash down hoses and other related products.

Indoor Heating Systems

Whether you’re in the living room or a restaurant, exploring an elearning platform from, temperatures can drop. This is why an indoor heating system is essential. It keeps a particular area (or an entire structure) warm enough for people to stay there comfortably. In cold weather, it can keep houseguests and café patrons in a pleasant mood. As a backup, you may also find a blow heater very beneficial too.

  • HomeFuels Direct – supplies oil tanks direct to your home after ordering them conveniently online.
  • Mercury Services  – provides high quality installation services for air conditioning units in Brisbane.
  • Chassis Brakes International  – iron casting and aluminium machined products are what these internationally competitive manufacturers have to offer.

Are you interested to know about other equipment types suitable for residential and commercial use? Do you want to find other interesting reads? The web is filled with detailed information on the subject.

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