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Industrial Building Safety: Make It Your Priority!

Posted on September 20, 2015

As an employer, you are required by law to ensure that your workplace is not only conducive for productivity, but also safe and secure to protect everyone in it. This is especially true for businesses that use heavy equipment, chemicals and other hazardous materials. Any violations to this mandate shall be fined and penalised by the court. The only time you're exempt is when you work completely via a GECentre virtual address in Sydney.

Here are some tips to help you ensure that your industrial plant is safe for everyone:

  1. Follow a regular maintenance schedule.

Your plumbing, electrical and air-conditioning or heating systems are crucial to your business. Also, check your roof. The last thing you need is a leak. Southern Cross roof repair in Sydney are amongst the finest repairers of all types of roofs. For one thing, your workers need to feel comfortable while inside your premises for them to be able to work efficiently. For another, your machinery needs electricity to function. In other words, these utilities are indispensable for the smooth operation of your plant. If you need professionals to look after your plumbing, air conditioning and wiring systems, seek the help of BT Electrics, a team of commercial electricians in Perth, or check out for quality electrical solutions. You might also want to consider the help of Breuers Cigweld welders.

  1. Keep your surroundings clean at all times.

Debris, dirt and dust can be hazardous to your people's safety and health. So install ducted vacuum systems from us, Vacumax. We can help you guarantee a cleaner and safer working environment for you and your employees. Chemical fumes are also very dangerous. So see to it that you hire people to regularly clean your warehouse or manufacturing plant. It's also important to have proper storage spaces in your vicinity. If you store large amounts of chemicals, fertilisers or other raw materials, you might have to invest in another building to house anything that can put people's health and safety at risk. Bairnsdale Engineering has rural and industrial buildings to suit your needs.

  1. Maintain all equipment; they should be in great condition for as long as possible.

Audit, inspection and maintenance schedules should be put in place to ensure safety management. Chassis Brakes International offers testing and engineering services to help you ensure your machinery is in the best condition. By regularly checking your equipment, you can also take care of any issues immediately, minimising accidents in the plant. Parts and accessories should also be replaced immediately if they are old and faulty to ensure that your machines are functioning properly.

It is advisable to get high quality tools, equipment and supplies in the first place. If you need sheet metals and fabrication services, for example, make sure you get them from dependable suppliers such as the Amediate metal fabrication experts and Alroy Sheet Metals Ltd. For power tools and their corresponding accessories, check out Alpha tools from United Tools in Canning Vale. You'll have access to quality drills, holesaws, blades, etc. Then, if needed, you can also secure an air compressor from Broadbent. Basically, the right and quality tools will guarantee you smoother and accurate operations.

  1. Make your workers see and understand the importance of following safety protocols.

Safety trainings will keep them informed, making them vigilant about following rules in handling machines, wearing proper workwear, etc. Also, provide them the necessary tools to keep them safe. For instance, those who are working with heights should be furnished with scaffold towers, trestles, ladders and podium steps from Toptower Ltd.. They are a leading manufacturer and supplier of access equipment.

Finally, a safe industrial zone should also be energy-efficient, which is possible by having insulation and using renewable sources of energy. This is because these eco-friendly measures help minimise carbon footprint, which is a contributing factor to global warming. You can save money with the help of Green Deal UK at Another potentially helpful service is this wooden pallets recycling service by Zerma; do check it out.

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