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Spick and Span in Minutes: Essential Guide to Cleaning Your House Quickly and Easily

Posted on December 05, 2013

Cleaning your house might be one of the tasks that can take most of your time. You have to sweep, scrub and mop every corner of it. You have to polish the furniture, workbenches and countertops. If you want to try cleaning in a matter of minutes, then you should definitely try these simple tips.

Keep supplies at hand

Have a quick and easy access to your cleaning tools and supplies. What usually makes you exhausted is looking for your needed supplies during your cleaning session. So, try to have a cleaning basket for the various areas of your home to have the supplies right where you need them.

Turn on the music

Music can give you the energy you need for cleaning. Turn on some songs that can help you move fast and add fun to the chore. If you don’t want the neighbours to see your dance moves though, you can always close the blinds.

Use technology

Take advantage of what technology has to offer. There are many cleaning gadgets on the market that can make cleaning comfortable. For example, ducted vacuum systems provide the most practical way to clean your house. Because it is installed in different areas, you don’t have to worry about your vacuum cord not able to reach some areas. You can quickly get away with those dust and animal hair in no time.

Least favourite to easy-clean rooms

Prioritise the hard-to-clean areas of your house. Once you finish the task of cleaning those demanding areas, everything else will be easy. Putting off the rooms you hate cleaning will only make you feel down that is why it is better to start with the hard ones to the easy ones.

Decide what needs cleaning

Skip those things that are still clean from your last cleaning session. Just because it is scheduled does not mean you have to clean everything in your house. If your electronics or metal workbench is still gleaming, then do not rearrange and shine it again. Thus, if you know what to clean, it will save you a lot of time.

Cleaning directions

Always start cleaning from top to bottom. This allows you to avoid working on surfaces that have already been cleaned. And, do your dusting and dry wiping before those task that involve using water.

Understand cleaners

Be patient. Do not use too much cleaner to finish quickly for it can damage some surfaces of your furniture. The trick is to give your cleaners some time to penetrate the dirt and grime to make scrubbing more effortless and simple.

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Organise supplies

Be prepared for your next cleaning session by arranging your supplies neatly in your basket. Also, make sure they are accessible to you whenever you need them.

The main trick to follow if you want to clean your house in as little time as possible is regular cleaning. Don’t do it for some minor mess. After cooking food in the kitchen, clean it as you go. Arranging your things and wiping down your workbenches after working will help you save a lot of time in the long run.

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