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The Nuts and bolts of your shelving situation

Posted on January 16, 2015

It really doesn't matter what industry sector you specialise in, at some point you will need a storage solution that meets your needs. Whether you pack paper clips or ship textiles, they need to be stored safely prior to transport. The same is true if you are a removal firm or a chemical company, and drainage Auckland company as well.

So how do you decide what storage solution is right for you? The way I see it, there are four major considerations to take into account before deciding what kind of industrial shelving or stackable boxes you need.

How much space do you have?

There is little point paying out for miles of shelving units if you only have a garage sized space. Similarly, storages boxes will be a nightmare stacked in columns in a warehouse the size of an aeroplane hangar. When it comes to storage solutions, size does matter. It is important to take the time to measure up the area that is to be used for storage, to not only figure out how much space you have to fill, but also ensure that you buy the right amount of shelving.

What are you storing?

It goes without saying that different products require different types of storage. However, it is still a really good idea to think long and hard about the potential implications of getting it wrong. If you hold an image similar to trying to store soup in a sieve, you will get the idea. Consider the weight, size and durability of the items as well as whether they need to be protected in any way. It could be that you store pre-packed items that need little more than a shelf to sit on. If you make and store textiles do you need to protect them from dust, dirt and environmental elements such as the weather?

How long are you storing items for?

The main concern here is about access. If you store things for a short time period, they tend to undergo little in the way of damage or degradation. This means they are simple and easy to retrieve. Items that move from your storage quickly are also less likely to be lost in the dark and scary corners of your warehouse. However, being able to label, track and find stored items becomes a bigger concern when you store over the long time. If you have ever searched the length of a warehouse for a single missing package, you will understand.

How will you place and retrieve the items?

Floor to ceiling industrial shelving is a great idea in a big space, but it is of little use if you have no way to reach the upper shelves. You want to be able to take full advantage of your storage solution, so high shelving requires tall steps, or, even better, a forklift. Consider the health and safety implications of any solution you choose. Staff should not be expected or allowed to climb up shelving units, or slide down them. Similarly, if you choose boxes, they cannot be stacked too high or be too heavy to lift safely.

These are just the four main areas of consideration to keep in mind when sourcing the right storage solution for your business, and don’t forget to keep the safety of staff and visitors central to your decision making process at all times. This not only affects whether you purchase shelving, but also whether it is free-standing or secured, and includes choosing the materials from which your storage solution is made.

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