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Homeowner Hacks: 6 Simple Ways to Have the Cosiest Space

Posted on September 04, 2014

Everyone loves to come back to a warm and comfortable home after a long and tiring day at work. There's just something about having such a cosy space welcome you that vaporises all your stress and worries. Some might think that transforming your space into a comfortable haven takes a lot of time and money. But the secret actually lies in following these simple yet effective steps:

  1. Choose comfortable furniture

Contrary to popular opinion, you don't have to sacrifice comfort for elegance when choosing furniture. Ideally, the best pieces are those that strike a balance between the two. Invest a little more effort into finding furniture that are both stylish and comfortable. Inspect each piece carefully and try to imagine them inside your home. Before you purchase anything that's designed for sitting, make sure you consider its curl-uppability. Ask yourself if it's something you can see yourself curling up in on a lazy afternoon. Can you imagine yourself lounging on it drinking tea or reading a book? If the answer is yes, get it. If not, keep looking.

  1. Upgrade your heating

Warmth is the best friend of comfort. If your heating system is no longer maintaining a good temperature for your home, make sure you upgrade it immediately. One simple solution you can consider is installing underfloor heating for timber floor surfaces. This will help keep the flooring nice and warm so you won't have to worry about walking barefoot around the house during cold months.

  1. Create a nook

Aside from buying comfy furniture and installing underfloor heating for timber floor surfaces, another great way to cosy up a home is to create your personal nook. Choose a chair that will serve as your “quiet chair” and pull it into a nice little corner in your bedroom or living room. Arrange a lamp, a desk and an Ottoman around it. Then, finish up by adding a fluffy pillow and a thick throw rug. Viola! You now have a cosy space you can curl up in on days when you just want to relax.

  1. Keep the place clean

Cleanliness always boosts the comfort level of a space. Make sure your home is always spotless by taking advantage of our Domestic Ducted Vacuum Systems. With this solution, several inlets will be installed in various rooms throughout your house and connected to a central vacuum unit set up in your garage. This eliminates the need to drag a traditional vacuum around just to keep your home free of dust and dirt. Contact, carpet cleaning sunshine coast for cleaning options.

  1. Improve lighting conditions

The right light fixtures can drastically improve the look and feel of a room. Aim for cosy lighting by choosing light bulbs that emit a warm, yellowish glow over those that have a start white light. It's also a good idea to install multiple light sources in a room. This way, you can change the lighting depending on what you're doing. For instance, bright lights are great for large gatherings, while small yellow lights are for more intimate events.

  1. Use warm colours

Paint colour can also significantly affect the ambiance of a room. Try mixing warm neutrals like tans, creams and grays with a some accents of fiery shades like deep reds, oranges and yellow. This will create a welcoming and calming feel that's just perfect for relaxing. Find more tips and tricks on painting rooms here.

From installing underfloor heating on wooden floors to painting rooms with warm colours, there are plenty of options available for improving a home's comfort level and this can also include investing in new aluminium windows if it's within your budget. All you need to do is choose which techniques will best fit your needs and preferences.

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