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Inventions That Improved Life Both At Work And At Home

Posted on March 24, 2016

Though there are many technophobes out there in the world, modern technology has no doubt made most of our daily lives that bit simpler. Long gone are the days of hand-washing clothes in most developed countries, as is the need to browse the phone book when you’re looking for a specific type of business. As more time goes on, more tasks become automated, and this is something that most of us are thankful for.

When we think about how technology has made our lives easier, we usually think about utilities we use at home, such as a washing machine or a refrigerator. It’s true that most of the things we buy are to make are lives at home more stress-free, but many inventions provide great benefits to both home and work life, as well as for people travelling. After all, if you were looking at a campervan for sale, you’d likely be browsing what technology it boasts.

Making everyday life simpler

The following list briefly explores some of the inventions that have provided as much use to us in the office as they have at home. Thank goodness for ambitious inventors!

-      The vacuum cleaner – Almost everybody has one of these at home because it makes cleaning so much easier. It’s hard to even imagine what people had to do to clean floors before this nifty gadget came along. But vacuum cleaners have now become a necessity to the point where huge devices have been made to make cleaning every floor in the office a simple task. From small household to industrial-sized devices, the vacuum cleaner has certainly made life a lot simpler.

-      Portable generator – These handy things mean we can use our electrical devices wherever we are, even if there’s no state-supplied electricity around. They can certainly make camping trips more entertaining and even day trips to a local lake. But generators can be great for businesses as well as a backup source of electricity. The last thing the office needs is a power cut and a potential subsequent loss of important work.

-      Indoor heating – Fire may have been harnessed long before our time, but modern heating systems are truly a great thing. Most of us either have a boiler indoors or have heating oil delivered to our homes, and the same applies to the office. We even have heating systems in our vehicles. If you are about to look at a campervan for sale, you’ll certainly want to know you’re not going to freeze to death on your travels.

Modern technology is exciting and the pace of which new inventions become available is showing no signs of slowing down. It’s difficult to even imagine what life will be like in 50 years to come, especially when you look at how much life has changed over the past 50 years. Seen as we can’t read the future, all we can do is wait to see what exciting new technology awaits us.

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