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How Vacuum Systems Stop Unhealthy Allergens

Posted on April 17, 2015

When it comes to your home, you want it to be as clean and neat as possible, but it can be tough to constantly clear up all the dust and allergens. There are many jobs around the house that need to be kept up with, and therefore you'll want to cut down on as many of them as possible. That's why so many people are looking at central air systems as an alternative to constant hoovering and dusting. It's also a great way to get rid of allergens, and advantages of this kind of system include:

  • A permanent fixture to your home
  • Dirt separated and easily removed
  • Removal of allergens that a vacuum can't always reach
  • Saving time and energy

This means that you can cut right down on the amount of vacuuming and dusting you do, with most users only needing to do a deep clean on more stubborn areas. You can then focus on other jobs, such as repairing blocked drains in Melbourne, or doing enjoyable activities such as gardening. If you have children or pets, this can be especially helpful, getting rid of hair and dirt quickly and easily.

Time saver

One thing that not many people have enough of is time, and therefore it's worth investing money in time saving devices to ensure that you free up some of your spare time. If you have carpets, then you no doubt spend a chunk of time nearly every day trying to keep them clean, but a central vacuum system cuts down on the time spent by simply allowing you to remove dust and pet hair in seconds.

Professional design

Central vacuum systems have an innovative design where the dirt is broken down and sucked away, meaning there's no need to get a bulky hoover out. They are easily installed by professionals, and easy to maintain with the right company on hand to help. If you have problems with blocked drains in Melbourne, then you know there are professional plumbers on hand to help, and there are experts who specialise in central vacuum systems.


Once a central vacuum system is installed, it's easy to upgrade, and newer models with new features are often coming out. These allow you to keep your existing system, yet update it cheaply and easily. These can include:

  • Cloth filter bags
  • New hoses
  • HEPA filters
  • More powerful motors

This means you can upgrade your system, without new installation work needed, and can ensure it meets your specific needs.


The main thing that a central vacuum system has going for it is convenience. No more lugging the hoover around, trying to reach corners, or having to empty endless bags. With a huge capacity, and special filters for pet hair and allergens, you can finally get the clean home that you deserve, and can keep your carpets new and fresh for as long as possible. It's not always easy to keep a home clean, but with the convenience of a central vacuum system you can cut the time spent hoovering.

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