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Inlet Options:  Wall Hose Inlets / Floor Sweep Inlets / WallyFlex Utility Hose


Wall Hose Inlet Valves

Vacumax offers a wide range of wall mounted hose inlets to suit all applications and aesthetic requirements. All hose inlets allow for the use of standard and switched hoses. The range includes both plastic and metallic inlets, powder-coated steel inlets and pressed stainless-steel inlets.

For aesthetic reasons, inlets are commonly installed at the same height as power sockets (around 300mm above floor level). However, hose inlets can be installed at any height to suit the user and it may be more practical to install the inlets at around 600mm above floor level.



At Vacumax, we take great care to ensure that inlet locations ensure 100% home coverage, aesthetics and a wide range of important practical aspects relating to inlet positions to ensure the system meets the highest standards, ease of use and performance.





Floor Sweep Inlet VacPan
Floor sweep inlets are usually installed into the kickboards of kitchen cupboards. The vacuum system is turned on by foot action. Dirt and debris is then brushed or broomed to the inlet where it is sucked away by the vacuum system. This allows the user to use the vacuum system without having to take out the hose.
At Vacumax, we only use the original Canadian made VacPan. Millions of VacPans are installed around the world with proven long term reliability and proven vacuum-seal technology. VacPan is also easily identifiable for the user and is by far the easiest to turn on and off irrespective of shoe size or shape. Critically, VacPan is not easily inadvertently turned on or off when brooming dirt up to it.
Other applications for a floor sweep inlet include Laundries, Workshops, Hobby rooms and Bathrooms



WallyFlex Auxiliary Hose
The WallyFlex Butler System mounts on any wall in your home, providing an innovative auxiliary hose for your central vacuum system. This makes WallyFlex an essential tool for your Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, Hobby room and even the Closet. WallyFlex is only available in White.
WallyFlex is easy to use and handy for quick cleanups of dry messes without having to take out the full hose. It has a 4m long expandable hose that cleans all surfaces.


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