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Vacumax offers a comprehensive range of standard and custom designed Kits suitable for ALL brands of Ducted Vacuum Systems and to suit differing homes and occupant lifestyles. The standard kits offered by the majority of ducted vacuum companies seldom allow the owner to achieve the maximum from their vacuum system.

We also recognise that every home differs in terms of design, size, style and finishes. Similarly, homeowners and their families differ in their lifestyles, cleaning requirements and expectations. As with our wide range of Power Units, our extensive range of Accessories ensures that clients are offered the accessories to make vacuuming both practical, quicker and easier, and that they are able to achieve ‘whole house cleaning’.

The majority of our Premium Quality Accessories are sourced from USA and from European and Australian suppliers.

Consider ...
Large patio areas and external furnishings: A correctly specified system will allow for vacuuming external balconies, patios and alfresco areas with a separate extension hose or patio inlet.
Daily vacuuming of kitchen: Instead of using the full length hose, use a short easy to store stretch hose for quick daily clean-ups.
Pet Hair: A compact or large sized pet grooming tool substantially reduces loose pet hair and pet dander within the home and on furnishings.
High hard-to-reach areas: Use additional light weight aluminium wand extensions to reach those double volume walls, ceilings and windows.
Fire Place Ash: easily clean the fine ash with your vacuum system ‘Cinder Stop; ash collection separator kit.
New Carpets: An easy to use air driven carpet turbine will provide deeper cleaning and protect your investment .... and without the inconvenience of electrical cords and motors. 
Vacuuming Walls and Ceilings: A ‘Dust-Up’ mop tool with washable micro-fibre fringe is great for cob webs and dust on large above ground surfaces  
Carpeted Stairs: A small hand held turbine helps to lift dirt from small carpeted areas such as stairs and in vehicles.
Separate hose for the Garage: Nearly all vacuum systems provide for an inlet in the garage. A low cost garage hose kit stored in the garage is the solution. The garage hose may also be used as an extension hose to reach outdoor areas.
These are some of the many Accessory Solutions we offer to maximise the benefit of your vacuum system.
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